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After the release of the Nintendo Classic Mini I thought it would be fun to build a Rpi3 based RetroPie. For this build I will be using a Super Famicom as the case. Side note: Why is the SNES so ugly in comparison to the Super Famicom?

I want to accomplish the following goals on this build:

  1. Use of the Super Famicom shell.
  2. Functionality of the original Power and Reset buttons
    • Power switch properly shuts down the Rpi gracefully (arduino nano?)
    • Reset button returns to Emulation Station main menu
  3. Full functionality of the original controllers and controller ports
  4. Full availability of the Rpi3 connectivity
    • USB (controller and possible storage)
    • HDMI
    • WIFI (virtual multiplayer?)
    • Bluetooth (controllers and maybe audio?)
  5. Ease of use for people that are not me

I know the list above will change; I will try to keep it updated as an index to what did and didn’t work.


This project used the following components: (Additional tools and common material such as a Soldering Iron and wire are not included below)

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